Protecting Your HVAC Unit Against Salt & Rust

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Here on the Crystal Coast, we are very fortunate to have salt water at our finger tips. There’s just something amazing about living near the beach! However,
we understand that there is a price to pay when it comes to maintaining your home and it’s systems when you live in close proximity to salt water.
Even if you don’t live in a waterfront home, the salt in the air can travel quite the distance and impact your home’s systems – specifically your HVAC

At Coastal Home Services, we are here to help your home remain a comfortable temperature throughout all of the seasons here on the Crystal Coast. As we
move into summer and the heat continues to rise, we know how important it is that your HVAC doesn’t give out.

If you have a home in eastern North Carolina and your HVAC until is two years old or newer, we highly recommend Rust Grip. Rust Grip is a one coat encapsulation
solution that virtually seals the surface of your HVAC unit. By preventing salt, moisture and other matter from penetrating the surface of your heating
and air conditioning unit, it cannot rust or cause other damage. Rust, natural matter and weather can cause damage to your HVAC that can require repair
and even require full replacement. With Rust Grip, the life of your HVAC unit can be extended by up to 7 years! Even better, we can coat your unit
in just one day!

To learn more about Rust Grip or to schedule a service appointment with our trained heating and air conditioning technicians, give us a call today!

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