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Could your heating and air conditioning unit stand to be replaced? When your HVAC isn’t working properly, it isn’t working efficiently or effectively.
This can cause your electric bill to be higher than it should and cost you a lot of money in the long run. Although purchasing a new heating and air
conditioning system is a big investment, it can actually save you money in the future. Today, Trane’s HVAC units are more efficient than ever before.
They’re design to use as little energy as possible so that your home stays comfortable for less money.

We’re excited to be offering a Labor Day special with the purchase of all new Trane units during the month of September! With the purchase of every new
Trane unit, we’ll include Rust Grip coating. Rust Grip is a one coat encapsulation solution that virtually seals the surface of your new HVAC unit
to protect it from our coastal climate. We all know that living near the water is great, but it does take a toll on our home’s systems. Salt in the
air penetrates the metal surface of a typical HVAC unit and can cause problems. With Rust Grip, the life of your unit is extended by up to 7 years!
If you’re thinking about purchasing a new heating and air conditioning unit, now is the time!

To learn more about the Trane HVAC units that we recommend and offer, contact us today!

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