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Happy October, y’all! It may not quite feel like fall yet but we can feel the temperatures slowly dropping the mornings and evenings and boy do we love

As the temperatures continue to drop, the time is growing near to switch the air conditioning off and the heat on. Did you know that your HVAC unit should
be serviced before that time? We highly encourage you to schedule a maintenance and service appointment to have your HVAC checked out. At our routine
maintenance appointments, our certified and trained technicians will not only perform preventative maintenance, but they’ll also check to see if there
are any issues that could cause major damage in the future. If your HVAC isn’t properly and efficiently operating, it could be costing you a lot of
additional money each month on your utility bill.


If your heating and air conditioning unit has been struggling and needs to be replaced, now is the time! We’re offering a great incentive that could extend
the life of your new HVAC unit by up to 7 years! With the purchase on each new Trane HVAC unit, we are giving away a FREE Rust Grip coating. Rust Grip
is a one coat encapsulation solution that will virtually seal the entire surface of your unit to prevent moisture and other matter from penetrating
the surface and causing damage. We all know that our coastal climate is full of salt in the air, which takes a toll on our home’s systems, especially
our HVAC units.

To learn more about purchasing a new Trane HVAC unit or to get on our maintenance schedule, give us a call today at (252) 222-0026.

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