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Is your furnace not performing the way you know it should? Perhaps it is time for a replacement.

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Is your heating system having trouble keeping your house warm? Have you noticed an increase in your electricity bills during the cooler months? If your home’s furnace is not operating properly, it may be time for either a tuneup or replacement. Coastal Home Services can help you ensure that your furnace is working as efficiently as possible.

Common signs that your furnace is not working properly:

  • Air coming out of the vents is not warm
  • Odor coming out of vents.
  • Higher than normal energy bills.
  • System running constantly

If you are experiencing any of these problems in your home, your furnace could be in need of service or replacement. Contact our Coastal Home Services and schedule a visit from one of our certified HVAC technicians. They will be able to diagnose the problem and help you determine whether you need to replace your Furnace or just replace a filter or blower.

The technicians at Coastal Home Services are certified Trane Comfort Specialists™and trained to find the source of problems in your home’s heating system. Customer service is very important to us if you have any problems with our work after it is complete we will come back and fix the issues at no extra charge.

How often do you have your heating system checked? It may be worth your while to schedule annual preventative maintenance for heating and cooling systems. Annual preventative maintenance ensures that your system will be running smooth when you need it to. No more surprise problems when you turn on your heating system during the first cold snap of the year. We will make sure that your system is running properly and as efficiently as possible. This could save money on your electricity bill and offset the cost of the annual maintenance.

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