What is the best thermostat for a beach house?

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Best thermostat for a beach house

Whether you’re living on the beach or using a beach house as a rental, it’s important to make sure your thermostat is functioning well through all the seasons in the most efficient way possible. At the beach, the climate is pretty consistent. However, when hurricane season rolls around things can get a little more complicated. These are some of the things to consider when selecting a thermostat for your beach house. Another thing to think about, especially if it’s a rental, is how user friendly the system is. While it’s tough to say exactly which thermostat is the best, here are a few facts to help ease your decision. 


Google Nest Thermostat for a beach house

The Google Nest Thermostat is an excellent choice for a beach house for a number of reasons. The new technology allows the system to turn itself down while you’re away which can save up to 15% cooling bills. These thermostats can function from an app on your phone or mobile device or you can set it to learn your patterns so it automatically adjusts based on how you’ve been using it. The Google Next works off of the HVAC wiring with a built in backup battery. It can also be linked to other Google products such as the Nest Doorbell, security cameras, and speaker systems. 


Ecobee3 Thermostat for beach house

The Ecobee3 Thermostat is also an excellent choice for a beach house. Using a different kind of technology, the Ecobee3 also learns your schedule and changes based on the time of day. While you can set things up on the app, you can also use voice command to control the Ecobee. One of the perks of this model is that scencers around the home are motion detectors to help notify the system when each room is in use. This device can be liked up to the Amazon Alexa and other Amazon products to work efficiently together. 


Coastal Home Services thermostat installation services

If you are unsure about which thermostat to use in your beach house, we are here to answer your questions! At Coastal Home Services we are dedicated to making your home as comfortable as possible.  Let us evaluate your space and help set you up with the most cost effective and efficient product we can. 

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