Was your home impacted by Hurricane Florence?
Was your home impacted by Hurricane Florence?

This past week certainly has been a rough one here on the Crystal Coast. Hurricane Florence wrecked havock on our beautiful, coastal community. Although many homes, businesses and buildings were damaged, our citizens and people from all over the United States are stepping in to help clean up and rebuild our community and for that, we are so thankful.

Hurricanes, especially ones as strong as Hurricane Florence was, can take a toll and severely iimpact your home and it's sytems. Was your home's HVAC damaged by Hurricane Florence? We're here to help. Whether it was due to flooding, winds or other issues, our experienced technicians are here to service and repair you unit to get it back up and running properly. 

If your home and it's systems were not damaged during Hurricane Florence as far as you can tell, it's still important to have your heating and air conditioning unit serviced and checked out after this type of natural disaster and weather event. Soon, it will be time to switch the air conditioning to heat and we want to help you ensure that your home will be comfortable inside no matter what the temperature may be outside. We recommend that your HVAC be serviced at least twice a year - when you switch from A/C to heat and from heat back to A/C. With this time coming up along with our recent weather, we strongly encourage you to get on our schedule for a service and maintenance appointment.

Don't forget, we're still honoring our Labor Day Giveaway. With the purchase of each new Trane HVAC unit, we're including a FREE Rust Grip coating, which protects your HVAC unit and extends its life by up to 7 years! Give us a call to learn more or to schedule your home's heating and cooling service on the Crystal Coast.

Chelsea Perry

Sep 20, 2018