Apr 23
Sign up for our annual maintenance plan today!

Did you know that your heating and air conditioning unit needs to be serviced each time the seasons change? Here on the Crystal Coast, not only the weather can impact your HVAC, but also the salt from the ocean and sounds can take a toll on your system. That's why it's so important to have your heating and air conditioning unit serviced when you switch from heat to air conditioning and from air conditioning back to heat. Our annual service and preventative maintenance plan is a great way to ensure that you unit is properly and efficiently working and to avoid more costly damages and repairs. The best way to avoid costly repairs is to prevent them from occurring, which is exactly what we do!  

Apr 16
How The Ocean Impacts Your HVAC

Yes, living on the Crystal Coast near the ocean and sound is absolutely wonderful. However, there is a price to pay when it comes to how the salt water and air impact your home's systems. One of the systems that is dramatically impacted by the salt in the air in coastal climates is your heating and air conditioning unit. When you live near salt water, even if your home isn't directly located on the waterfront, the salt in the air travels fairly far and can cause rust and other problems on your HVAC unit.  

Apr 11
Schedule Your Spring Service Today!

The weather is warming up and we're looking forward to some spring like temperatures in the forecast for the upcoming days! As the weather warms and you need to start cooling your home, it's important to ensure that your heating and air conditioning unit is running properly and efficiently.  

Apr 04
It's Time For Your HVAC's Spring Tune Up

Spring has arrived and with these warmer temperatures we've been having here on the Crystal Coast, you've likely already switched your heat off and your air conditioning on. Now is the time to have your HVAC unit serviced as well as checked for preventative maintenance. The easiest way to avoid costly repairs and time without an operating HVAC unit is to have your unit checked out at least twice a year (when you switch from heat to A/C and from A/C back to heat). These routine preventative maintenance checks allow our trained technicians to spot and early signs of problems, repair them and ensure that your unit is running efficiently.


Mar 26
Financing Assistance For Your New HVAC System

We understand that heating and air conditioning units are a costly investment and often times these expenses are not planned for. No one plans for their HVAC unit to quit several years before it's expected to do so. That's why we are now offering financing assistance provided by Lendmark.

Mar 21
The Benefits of Rust Grip

Have you heard about Rust Grip? Rust Grip is a one coat encapsulation solution that completely seals your HVAC unit to protect it from moisture, weather and other materials that can cause damage to your unit. Here on the coast of North Carolina, salt from the ocean, sounds and other bodies of water can take a toll on your home's system and cause costly damage. Salt in the air can cause your HVAC unit to begin to prematurely rust and prevent it from operating efficiently for the amount of time that it should. With Rust Grip, the life of your heating and air conditioning unit can be extended by up to 7 years! That means that you could potentially get 7 more years out of your HVAC unit than expected.