Jun 12
Protecting Your HVAC Unit Against Salt & Rust

Here on the Crystal Coast, we are very fortunate to have salt water at our finger tips. There's just something amazing about living near the beach! However, we understand that there is a price to pay when it comes to maintaining your home and it's systems when you live in close proximity to salt water. Even if you don't live in a waterfront home, the salt in the air can travel quite the distance and impact your home's systems - specifically your HVAC unit.  

Jun 04
Stay Cool in The Summer Heat

It's officially the month of summer and we couldn't be more excited! Beach days, boat days, fishing and just getting outside to enjoy our beautiful towns here on the Crystal Coast. Although we are very lucky to have a fairly moderate climate year round, there's no doubt that summers on the Crystal Coast bring the heat. Properly operating air conditioning is crucial during the summer months and our team of technicians is here to make sure that you home will be cool and comfortable all summer long. 

May 22
Protect Your HVAC From Our Coastal Climate

Living on the Crystal Coast sure has its "pros". The people, the restaurants, community activities, and of course the beaches and water make Carteret County one amazing place to call home. However, if you're a homeowner you know that there are a few "cons" that come along with living near the ocean and salt water. One of those is the impact that salt in the air has on your home and your home's sytems. At Coastal Home Services, we know that the salt in our air and our coastal climate can take a toll on your heating and air conditioning unit and cause costly damage and even end the life of your unit prematurely.  

May 16
Protect & Extend The Life of Your HVAC Unit

As a homeowner on the Crystal Coast, we are sure that you're aware of how our climate can impact your home's system including your heating and air conditioning system. Even if you live directly on the beach or in close proximity, the salt from the ocean and Bogue Sound can cause damage to your home and prematurely end the life of your systems, including your heating and air conditioning unit. 

May 08
Tune Up For Spring

Here on the Crystal Coast, as the weather gets warmer, the streets, shops and restaurants get busier and we know that spring is turning into summer soon! Whether you're a full time resident here at the beach or you have a summer home here, no one wants to be stuck with no air conditioning during these warmer months!  

May 01
Is your beach house ready for the summer heat?

If you own a beach home here on the Crystal Coast, you're likely anxiously awaiting the days of summer. It's important to properly prepare your home for the summer season, especially if it was empty or unused for some time during the winter months. Don't get stuck in the heat this summer, let us help ensure that your beach home's HVAC unit is working properly and will continue to do so all summer long.