Jan 19
Protect Your HVAC From Rust & Salt Air

Living in coastal North Carolina is nothing short of amazing and we certainly love getting to enjoy the beautiful beaches and ocean and all the activities they have to offer. However, we understand that living near salt water can mean issues with home systems and extra maintenance.  

Jan 16
Get More Life Out of Your HVAC

We've got some more wintry cold weather making it's way to eastern North Carolina in the next couple of days. Is your HVAC going to be able to handle the cold? If not, we're here to help, as always. We pride ourselves on providing some of the quickest service in the area if you heating and air conditioning unit stops working or isn't running right.  

Jan 10
Extend The Life of Your HVAC

With the arctic weather and winter storm from last week, we know that your heating unit has been put through the ringer! Not only do drastic temperatures cause your unit to worker harder, but our coastal climate here in eastern North Carolina can make an impact on your HVAC. We have a way that you can protect your HVAC unit from rust and extend its life by up to 7 years! 

Jan 02
Winter Weather On The Crystal Coast

Have you seen the forecast for the later part of this week? We're jumping into a new year with some pretty cold temperatures. And by pretty cold, we're talking below freezing. Although it's not often we see these temperatures this low here in eastern North Carolina, we're going to have quiet a few days of serious winter weather this week. Meteorologists are even calling for snow later on this week.  

Dec 27
Emergency Heating Service On The Crystal Coast

With the cold temperatures here in eastern North Carolina, it is finally feeling like the winter season. How's your heating system handling the cold? 

Dec 18
Have A Cozy Christmas

Christmas will be here in just a few short days! Although we likely won't be seeing a white Christmas here in eastern North Carolina, you still want to make sure that your heat is working properly in the case of some unexpected cold weather.