Jul 16
Protect Your HVAC For Years To Come

The coastal climate here in eastern North Carolina can take a toll on your home's systems, especially your heating and cooling unit. Even if your home is not directly located on a body of water, the salt in the air travels far and can cause damage to your HVAC unit.  

Jul 10
Are you signed up for our preventative maintenance plan?

If the answer is no, you'll want to keep reading. Did you know that your heating and air conditioning unit requires periodical maintenance in order to prevent more severe (and more costly) damages or problems from occurring. At the change of seasons - when you switch from heat to A/C or A/C to heat - your HVAC needs to be checked out and prepared for the season to come. 

Jul 02
Stay Cool on The Crystal Coast

It's hot here on the Crystal Coast. As we kick off the month of July and celebrate Independence Day, the temperature is only rising. It's been a hot and humid couple of weeks and we know how inconvenient and uncomfortable it can be if your home's air conditioning isn't work properly or at all.

Jun 25
Broken air conditioner leaving you in the heat this summer?

It's hot, humid and muggy here on the Crystal Coast. Air conditioner is crucial indoors during this heat. Is your air conditioner has broken, here are actions that you should take. 

Jun 21
Beat The Summer Heat

Today is the official first day of summer! We love the summer season here on the Crystal Coast. Although we enjoy being outside and enjoying the coastal summer sunshine, we know how hot and humid this season will be and how great it feels to step inside to a cooled home - especially after a day at the beach or on the boat. Beat the heat this summer and make sure that your HVAC until will continue to properly cool your home as the temperatures continue to rise. 

Jun 12
Protecting Your HVAC Unit Against Salt & Rust

Here on the Crystal Coast, we are very fortunate to have salt water at our finger tips. There's just something amazing about living near the beach! However, we understand that there is a price to pay when it comes to maintaining your home and it's systems when you live in close proximity to salt water. Even if you don't live in a waterfront home, the salt in the air can travel quite the distance and impact your home's systems - specifically your HVAC unit.